Validate Your Warranty


Thank you for being a part of the Collective family! Big up yourself, and we can’t wait to see you shredding the bike!

Our bikes are covered for manufacturing defects under our warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase, providing the below warranty validation steps are followed.

There are a few small and easy steps you will have to take to register and validate your warranty with us. If these steps are not followed, it may be difficult or not possible for us to help you get the issues fixed if any should arise. 


The bike must be assembled and checked over by a local bike shop

Our bikes are not ready to ride out of the box! A bike shop or qualified bicycle mechanic must complete the assembly of the bike, and the bikes components must be checked over by the shop or mechanic and made sure to be as they should be before riding. 

A number of small issues can arise during the transit of bicycles that can and must be fixed or tweaked before the bike is ridden. This could potentially include (but is not limited to): the wheels needing truing, the torque needing checking and the gears needing adjusting. 

These issues can easily and quickly be sorted by a mechanic and must be for a number of reasons. Health and safety is the biggest one, as we wouldn’t want anyone to hurt themselves riding - but small issues such as these can cause bigger, more serious, damage that is preventable to happen over time if not made sure to be correct before the bike is used

We only cover manufacturing defects under our warranty, and cannot cover any damage deemed to have been preventable by initial or general maintenance.

The warranty is not valid on the bike if this step is not taken.

Even if a defect arises with a part of the bike that isn’t touched during assembly, we will only be able to cover this under warranty if the warranty policy has been followed and the bike has been built up by a shop. 

Any local bike shop should do just fine, however we would recommend against going to big corporate chains such as Halfords if at all possible, as they can be hard to liaise with and contact if we ever need to down the line for a warranty claim. 

Please keep any receipts or documents from the bike shop that you chose to use, as this could help us if we ever need to deal with a warranty claim for you! 


Please register your warranty on our website

Please go to (link) and fill in the online form

This will ask you to fill in the 5 categories: full name, order number, bicycle serial number, the name of the bike shop the bike was assembled at, and the name of the mechanic who helped you at the bike shop. The first 4 fields are mandatory.

You can find the serial number of your bike on the underside of the frame.

We will log all this information and be able to access it should we ever need to for a warranty claim, or if the information is requested by you for whatever reason.

All done!

If you have completed both of these steps - congratulations! You are covered under our warranty and can ride easy knowing we have got your back ;)

If you have any warranty issues, questions or queries about anything please shoot an email over to CS@COLLECTIVEBIKES.COM - or give us a call 9am - 6pm, Monday to Friday, on +44(0) 203 189 1869
One of the family will be happy to help you!