Little Harry15


Harry is the hottest kid online in the Bike Life movement. Becoming one of the most followed riders across his Instagram and especially his YouTube in 2018 & 2019 thus far. He’s racked up over a quarter million subscribers and 115,000 instagram followers. But numbers aren’t his claim to fame, it’s the strength of the support from his fans online. His style on the bike and the persona online has given him the strongest following in ‘Bike Life’ everything he rides, does or wears his loyal fans want to be a part of! Much like his brother figure Ryan Taylor his fans are sold into a lifestyle of Little Harry.


Little Harry


D.O.B: 01/11/01

Location: Essex, Epping

Current Bike: C100


Inspiration? Not inspired by anyone in particular, I just analyse different YouTubers heavily to see if I can link their videos to mine but in a BIKELIFE way. 


Advice to a younger version of yourself? Don’t get distracted by anything else, focus on your dream.


Must have when riding? My music & riding with everyone. 


Go to riding shoe? Nike 270s


First bike? Specialized Hardrock


"Spot to ride before you die?" Well I haven’t yet been LA so probs that. 


Lifegoal? Make a living off riding


What are you doing if you are not riding? Going out with other friends, going out on dirtbike & playing PS4.

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