Jake 100


Jake has become the household name for kids all over the UK and now the world in the ‘Bike Life’ movement making his skills and core lifestyle known for his wheelie and skills on Urban MTB’s by continuously perfecting his craft and spreading the message that riding your bike while growing up especially in rough areas is a much better life than gang and knife crime, co-founding huge meet up’s and ride outs in London, he’s helped grow a new movement of bike riding known as ‘Bike Life’ and has become the first athlete in the sport to have a ambassador deal with a global brand, gaining a spot as a NIKE LONDON Athlete.






























Born and raised in East London


Current Bike: My signature bike, the C100! 




Inspiration? I’m inspired by new people all the time. People who achieve there dreams and are living there best life happy are the people who inspire and motivate me.


Advice to a younger version of yourself?


Must have when riding? Music is definitely something I try and make sure I have for the ride.


Go to riding shoe? My favourite shoe to ride in are the Nike 270’s and then my Nike 720’s. 


First bike? My first bike for wheelies was a Saracen Tufftrax. 


"Spot to ride before you die?" Ohhh I have a big list of spots I need to ride before I die. I want to wheelie where no one has. 


Lifegoal? My life goal has always been to live off what I love, to stay happy and be surrounded by good People.


What are you doing if you are not riding? If I’m not riding, I’m either editing, kicking it with the boys or sleeping really. I want to start to use more of my spare time to give back and help others where I can.



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