Your First BMX Bike! - CollectiveBikes Journey

One of my family friends called Ella, who regularly comes to the skatepark to watch me ride and take photos etc. Was really interested in learning the basics of riding a BMX Bike at the Skatepark so she could ride with me.

A week later she had ordered her first cheap entry level BMX bike from us here at CollectiveBikes and has committed to learning how to ride!

After grabbing herself and awesome CollectiveBikes C1 in Raw we decided to do something with an idea we had for a video series on youtube

We have taken this great opportunity to follow Ella on her journey through learning to ride BMX and hopefully continue to progress and move forward on to a higher level and upgrading equipment when necessary.

We want to bring you guys a long for the ride with us so we will be doing vlogs on our youtube channel and keeping you up to date on our social media! 

We look forward to showing you how this journey pans out, and hopefully you guys riding your BMX Bikes can learn some things along the way. And be inspired to do become part of BMX yourself if you aren't already!

All the Link are here:


Instagram: @collectivebikes

Facebook: Collective Bikes


Meet Ella! :) ...

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