Win a FREE! Collective Bikes C1

Win a FREE! Collective Bikes C1


Let's cut straight to the point. We are giving away


We want to promote our brand and get everyone talking about collective!

We want our bikes to be the first bikes you ride when you start BMX!

We want some lucky people out there to win a bike and get riding ASAP!

Our C1 bikes arrive in a complete set in the box along with all of the tools required to fit the bike together, standard optional reflectors and even a bell!!! (The bell excited me more than it should have!)

Throughout October we will be picking one lucky winner at random EVERY WEEK!

If you don't win the first week, you will be re-entered into the following draws so will have 3 more chances to win!

We want as many people riding our bikes as we can get as with as little bias as possible they really are the best cheap entry level BMX Bikes out there!

A lot of companies will do a giveaway with one big prize, but at collective we don't want to be like most companies, we want to be the best and 100% about the consumers company! Get your friends involved, get your siblings involved, get your grandparents and teachers involved! The more you spread the word the more chance you or someone you know has of winning one of our beautiful C1 bikes.

Details are below, good luck!

To enter, all we need from you is the below:

⭕️ Follow us on social media
⭕️ Share our post (easily found on Instagram and Facebook @collectivebikes)
⭕️ Use the hashtag #wincollective
⭕️ Tag 3 friends in the post

Once you've done this your name will be entered into our draw and as stated will be in there until all 4 prizes have been given out! 

Winners will be chosen every week in October!

Best of luck from us at collective, get hash tagging!

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