This week on the Collective Bikes YouTube Channel, Ryan Taylor and Brock Horneman are in a skate-park in Hastings with their Ryan Taylor signature RT1 BMX bikes to ride and challenge each other. Both were sure that they win this little competition, check out the video on Youtube to see their rides. Ryan Taylor is riding his amazing RT1 from Collective Bikes.


The special thing about this bmx session is that Ryan and Brock have never been to this skater park before. The two also start with tricks on the first step on their bmx bikes, without warming up. One rider starts the competition and set a trick. The next driver has to repeat the trick and add another trick, so it gets harder and harder. Brock Horneman starts the competition and shows a first little trick to get started. The difficult part of a challenge like this is that the BMX riders have to remember a long combination of tricks, with very difficult parts in it. Also they are not allowed of adding the same trick twice.


At the end of the challenge, Brock Horneman forgot the combination of the tricks, so he was out of the game. Ryan remembered every trick but added a trick which they already had before. Ryan Taylor and Brock Horneman had a good time at the skate-park with their bmx bikes and insane combination of tricks.


In the future Ryan Taylor and the team from Collective Bikes want to upload bmx sessions and other videos every weekend, so stay tuned for more insane and crazy videos on our You Tube Channel!



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