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marzo 19, 2018 1 lectura mínima

Collective Bikes very own Pro BMX star Ryan Taylor has become the first person in the world to send his very on 100K subscribers plaque to space!

All youtube channels are awarded plaque when they achieve 100k, 1Million & 10Million subscribers! Ryan managed to acheive his 100k plaque a long time ago but wanted to do something more special with it than the usual showing his subscribers it while in the comfort of his own home, no thats too boring for Ryan Taylor.


So he decided to get legal permission and send his 100k youtube plaque to space! yes thats correct outside earth's atmosphere.

He drove to the middle of nowhere in the United Kingdom and strapped his plaque to a helium filled balloon. attached a GoPro. and simply let it go.... it went up into space and then came back down where he tracked it down using a GPS tracker he'd equipped. And safely got his YouTube plaque back in one piece, got the footage from his GoPro and became the first successful person to put his own YouTube play button into space.

Check out the YouTube video of the events that took place...