Ryan Taylor Jumps Logan Paul's Cool Bus

Ryan Taylor Jumps Logan Paul's Cool Bus

Ryan Taylor is out in California at the moment, where he'll soon be relocating to!

While he's been out there he has been keeping busy on YouTube. And in this instance he's been hanging out and connecting with Logan Paul and Jake Paul to film some content!

Ryan decided to make a video at the Paul's house in Calabasas where he would build a huge take off and landing on each side of Logan Paul's "Cool Bus" and Ryan would jump over it and perform some tricks on his Collective Bikes RT1 Frame!

After having a special team of guys come and build the ramp it was time for Ryan to test it! 

So Jake Paul cranked up his motocross bike and dragged Ryan Taylor to build speed all the way up the driveway where Ryan took off and just made it over the entire jump! Once Ryan landed it safely that was it you knew he was going to attack the jump again and again performing some tricks over the humungous ramp.

Ryan Taylor proceeded to jump the bus performing tricks such as, No hander - Double Tailwhip and even a backflip!

It was a crazy video to watch with really good angles of the jumps! All performed on Ryan's signature RT1 frame! 

Check out the full video here:

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