Ryan Taylor Climbs Egyptian Pyramid!

Ryan Taylor Climbs Egyptian Pyramid!

So Ryan had been hyping us up about a video that he had filmed on his trip to Egypt a few weeks back, saying that he had done something crazy!

This is what went down in Ryan's new YouTube video... 

He took a Collective Bikes C1 Raw to Egypt with David Wallace to photograph and film some content, once they was there they explored the city of Cairo and he even met up with some of the CertiFam at his hotel. The next day they decided they wanted to go to see the famous pyramids of Egypt and they wanted to take the Collective Bikes C1 with them, Ryan almost managed to get the bike to the pyramids by mounting the C1 Raw on the side of a camel before the police came and stopped the situation, regardless Ryan went on the tour to the pyramids. Once there, they bribed their way into climbing the pyramids all the way to the top, shooting some photographs and flying his drone all while wearing his GoPro. 

And making it back to the city of Cairo all without being arrested or in trouble with the law, being the first if not the only person to climb the pyramids and film it for YouTube. and what a sight it was from the top.

Check the video out here on Ryan's YouTube channel! 

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