At Collective, our main ethos is to empower the underdogs - we feel it's more important to allow a space for groups of people to amplify their own voices; bikes and beyond. 


Few people have done a better job of taking advantage of this space that we at Collective offer than our very own NAY. @nay_whaaat


This year for International Women’s Day we filmed an Instagram video with Nay where she spoke about how she feels as a female rider in UK bikelife, the struggles she has faced and how she has overcome them to become not only one of the most recognisable FEMALE athletes in bikelife, but one of the most recognisable wheelie athletes period. See the link below.



Contrary to many riders' journeys, Nay actually started riding dirt bikes long before her transition into pedal bikes. She was an active member in the UK Bikelife scene in the early 2010s, rubbing shoulders with extremely recognisable names such as WH05DAT.


Her transition into riding pedal bikes started in the COVID lockdown period in 2020, when she purchased a MafiaBike Chenga. She made major strides and was quickly making waves in the scene, not letting anything hold her back. 



Nay has since made a major upgrade and now rides a custom pink and blue Collective C100 (Jake100’s signature bike), and her hard work and status has allowed her to take part in promotional campaigns for huge worldwide brands such as Nike and Sony




Big up all the girls and the minority groups in the bikelife scene - we see you and support you all under one big COLLECTIVE FAMILY!       


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