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octubre 02, 2018 1 lectura mínima

Ryan Taylor is riding his new bike RT1 from Collective Bikes on a rooftop in Dubai. Check the new video on Youtube, if you want to see the amazing view from the top of the buildings and Ryan Taylor who is doing some crazy tricks at insane heights. You can have a view over the busy traffic in the city, a lot of different people in Dubai and the amazing sunset.


Last video of Ryan Taylor on his RT1 and Jake100 on his C100 both from Collective Bikes in Dubai shows how they made a joke on Ryan. Now he wants a revenge. When Jake100 was asleep they woke him up with some water on his face. After this start to the day, they drove a Lamborghini to a special place in Dubai, to make an insane experience. They had a flight with a helicopter over the amazing city of Dubai!


You want to see amazing cars, insane views and mad bike experiences? Check out Ryan Taylors new video on Youtube!