Collective gave back to the community for Christmas.

Collective gave back to the community for Christmas.

At Collective, we value helping others and the strength of a strong community. Because of this, we made the decision to plan a gathering to collect toys for The Toy Project, a nonprofit that gives these toys to deserving families before Christmas.

With the offer that the more toys you brought, the better your chances were to win a brand-new Collective C100 bike, we invited all of our customers and community members to bring new toys to our store.

The response and kindness of our neighbourhood astounded us. For The Toy Project, we gathered more than 150 brand-new toys altogether. Seeing so many people come together to help others and make a difference was incredibly heartwarming.

Without Jake100's generous donation of his time and resources to help us with event planning, we would not have been able to complete it. We appreciate his support as well as the support of all those who took part in this deserving cause.

At Collective, we're dedicated to having a positive influence both within and outside of our community. Our next charity event is already in the works, and we're hoping to attract even more supporters. We will carry on helping others and improving their lives up until that time.

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