Collective Bikes 'THE TORONTO FILM'

Collective Bikes 'THE TORONTO FILM'

Collective athlete Ryan Taylor takes you on a journey to Toronto Canada in the newest film released on the Collective Bikes YouTube channel. Ryan Taylor starts off the video giving you a short montage of everything that Collective Bikes stands for showing clips of its C1 BMX Range, RT1 BMX Range, and C100 MTB range. Ryan Taylor then introduces himself and talks about the amazing Collective Bikes team in Canada, including the likes of Mike Varga, Joel Bondu, Mateja, OneWheelRice and Tyler Rizzi. Ryan Taylor then takes you on a tour of the Collective Bikes team house while staying in Toronto. 

Ryan Taylor then takes you on a visit to Sam's BMX Shop in Toronto Canada. The first BMX to become a Collective Bikes Supplier in Canada. After his visit Ryan Taylor takes the viewers to Iceland Skate Park in Toronto Canada, and performs loads of tricks on his RT1 BMX bike. The RT1 is the cheapest BMX frame set with Sanko Chromoly metal and heat treated in the world. He shows off some amazing BMX riding before getting a puncture which ends his riding session. Ryan Taylor then speaks to family member Tyler Rizzi who takes you through how practical the Collective Bikes Chest Rig is. showing you that there are no longer the need to keep all his belongings in his pockets weighing him down. He's able to keep it all in the Collective Chest Rig with no problem and his iPhone is kept safe with the YYK Waterproof zips!

Ryan Taylor then greets family members Mateja and OneWheelRice. Where the both respectively show of their insane skills on the RT1 BMX and C100 MTB before the video moves on and takes you to Downtown Toronto! Where Mateja and Ryan Taylor both perform BMX tricks on their RT1 by Collective Bikes in the rain and water fountains, and show you behind the scenes of the Collective Bikes family creating photo content.

The video then takes you to the next day where the whole Collective Bikes team and family are rolling out together in a truck full with Collective Bikes C1 BMX's, (OneWheelRice and Mateja have a game of bike in downtown Toronto on C1 BMX Bikes), you can see the video on the Collective Bikes YouTube channel linked below)

Where again they hit downtown Toronto and show off how the C1 BMX by Collective Bikes handles everything that is thrown at it performing jumps and tricks all over the city of Toronto including family member Joel Bondu, Ryan Taylor, Tyler Rizzi, Mateja, OneWheelRice and Mike Varga.

Moving on the film takes you to the next day where the whole Collective Bikes family and all their bikes including C1 BMX's which are the cheapest BMX bike for the quality in the world.

(You can see the game of BMX that Mike Varga and Jay have on the C1 BMX's at his compound on the Collective Bikes YouTube channel linked below..)

And also the RT1 BMX bikes which are the highest quality BMX's for the price in the world and C100 MTB's the world first and only wheelie MTB. Take a trip to Collective Bikes family member Mike Varga's compound where he has his own ramps, jumps toys and vehicles for the family to have fun with and make an amazing day of filming. Mike Varga introduces his house showing you his huge ramp setup and talking you through the whole compound! We then see a montage of Ryan Taylor and Mike Varga riding the ramps on their RT1 BMX Bikes by Collective Bikes. The team then decide to go crazy in Mike Varga's compound using any vehicle they can find including cars, dirt buggy's and dirt bikes to cause havoc, partying and crashing vehicles causing mayhem while having the best of fun!

Ryan Taylor then greets you at the airport as the Toronto trip draws to an end, he thanks everyone for their support with Collective Bikes, wether they ride C100 MTB's, C1 BMX Bikes or support the Collective Bikes movement in any way. And then asks the viewers where they would like Ryan Taylor to take the Collective Bikes family next to make another video, while wearing his Collective Chest Rig chest bag which is the highest quality tactical chest bag in the world.

Check the full Collective Bikes Toronto Film video out linked below on the Collective Bikes YouTube Channel, and Subscribe to the channel to catch all the Collective Bikes future content:



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