Ryan Taylor is showing you how to ride a wall in this video on our Collective Bikes YouTube Channel with his own Ryan Taylor signature RT1 BMX bike. This bike is created with Ryan Taylor and just one of the bikes in our incredible range, which are available on our website Check out our portfolio of bikes, which includes the Collective C100 Mountain bike designed by Jake100, and our amazing C1 Complete BMX bike too! Get a bike from Collective bikes and become a part of the Collective family, which is growing more and more everyday!


To ride a wall with your BMX bike you can use a wall on a skate-park or on the street, wherever you find a good place for it. This trick is one of the basic tricks and can be done on every location. Ryan Taylor is riding his RT1 BMX bike from Collective Bikes in a tunnel in Paris, France. Which is a good location to teach you how to ride a wall.


For the beginning it is easier to choose a wall with a little transition on it. Ryan Taylor is teaching you this basic BMX trick with his RT1 from Collective Bikes in three steps, so be sure you watch out every single step carefully!


First you have to search a place with good requirements like a curvy wall with a transition on it, but it is also possible on a straight wall. Ryan Taylor, as a professional BMX rider, is showing you the differences between the two walls with his RT1, the highest quality BMX Bike in the UK for the price. Riding a wall is a trick, which is not often done by beginners in the BMX scene but it shows that you can use and control your bike very well.


Step one is to ride on the wall with your BMX bike. Start this trick not to high on the wall, so you can slowly become a little bit more confident with the movement. In the second step Ryan Taylor is showing you how to stick on the wall and use it for your BMX bike. If you feel confident, as Ryan on his RT1 COMPLETE BMX bike, you can try to ride higher on the wall.


In this trick, it is especially important to have the bike and the wheels at 90 degrees angle on the wall. Ryan Taylor is showing you what happens if you do not have your BMX bike in this position on the wall but it shows that this failure is no problem for the RT1 COMPLETE BMX bike from Collective with high quality components. Step three is the final step, in which Ryan Taylor shows you how to move on after riding on the wall, after you hop on and hop off on the wall.


Watch out the video on our YouTube Channel Collective Bikes to see how Ryan Taylor is teaching the trick in three easy steps with his RT1 COMPLETE BMX bike from Collective Bikes. Make sure you are tagging Collective Bikes when you are posting your results of "how to wallride" Instagram, Facebook or YouTube!

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