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julio 17, 2018 2 lectura mínima

Finally the moment many of you have been waiting for, a Collective Bikes YouTube channel and with that. Our first new upload Ryan Taylor takes you through step by step how to do a bunny hop on a BMX bike!


Ryan Taylor introduces the new channel and then takes you through every minor detail to help you learn this trick starting with knowing which way your feet go to get comfortable on your C1 or other 20" BMX bike. This is key to making everything feel more comfortable and easy moving forward! 

Next Ryan Taylor tells you to start practising raising the bike slightly off of the ground where you can get a feel for taking off and landing. Once you've got used to this, Ryan then shows you how to perform bigger bunny hops like all the pro's by pulling the front of the bmx bike up with your arms and learning to lift up with your legs at the correct moment to perform the perfect hop! 

After we get to see Ryan trying some bunny hops from flat ground and off a small hand made ramp showing off his new RT1 frame and forks and bars coming out soon! 

Then Ryan gets the kids to get creative by trying out all kinds of styles and getting their bunny hops to look however they want them to look! 

He ends of the video by telling everyone to keep practising and get ready for next weekend as there will be the next instalment of the how to series.

Finally he leaves us with a message of becoming part of the Collective by grabbing yourself a new Collective Bikes C1 available at CollectiveBikes.com


Thanks for reading 

CollectiveBikes Team