Collective Apparel Clothing photoshoot

Collective Apparel Clothing photoshoot

Since starting Collective Bikes and producing cheap and affordable quality bmx bikes, we have always wanted to have a really unique clothing brand that matches the image and style of our brand ethics. So thats what we set out to do and started working on Collective Apparel. 

After Dropping our first line of clothing through our own apparel brand on November 1st, we got in touch with our photography Tom Porter ( @tomporterphotography on Instagram)

We sent him the new tees, and told him to pick someone to model them. Giving him complete freedom to do what he does best!

Him and Jack Young ( @jackyoung22 on Instagram ) went out this weekend and shot some awesome lifestyle photos in an amazing location in the west country of England! 

Be sure to check out all the images from this weekend on our Gallery page!


Barney Pauley.


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