A Weekend With Collective Bikes C1

A Weekend With Collective Bikes C1

So a couple of weeks back I organised a weekend with our good friend Tom Porter (@tomporterphotography).

he agreed to come down to London for a weekend and shoot some lifestyle photos and film a promo video for the new Collective Bikes C1 Complete. It was an awesome weekend Tom really is amazing behind the lens! shooting some beautiful quality images of a brilliant quality BMX Bike.

We really enjoyed using the bikes to ride around on from spot to spot, Tom repeatedly said to me throughout the weekend "this is the best complete bike I've ridden, I cant believe its less than £200" and even for myself it was the first time I was able to put some long hours on the bikes since I received them from the factory. I too was completely overwhelmed with the quality of the bikes. especially on the second day at the skate park while filming for the YouTube video. I rode the bike as if it was my usual £2000 custom BMX bike and it held up and performed beyond expectations!

Make sure to check out the YouTube video below from the weekend in August! and to check out all the Photos Tom shot in the gallery page of our website!

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