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"Let's go crazy with it!
Lightweight, premium and meticulously designed - real talk Sanko 4130 chromoly heat treated complete BMX - that means strong"

Key feature:

Sanko Japanese 4130 Chromoly Frame TT 20.6"" Full 4130 CRMO Forks Street frame Full 4130 CRMO Handlebars

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  • This is how you say """"Bike Frame"""" in Japanese: 自転車フレーム Now you know.
  • Colour: Hybrid Black™️ (CollectiveBikes half gloss half matt paint)
  • Top Tube: 20.6""

    HEAD ANGELS: 75.5 Degrees
    Stand over height: 8.5″
    Mid BB: 11.52″ height (HEAT TREATED)
    Rear length: 12.75″-13.1″ (short and responsive)
    Tapered Downtube - seat tube - seat stays - chain stays
    Offset tubing thickness, thicker in the areas of high stress
    Removable brake lugs and tabs
    5mm thick Heat treated dropouts
    Full Sanko Japanese 4130 Chromoly Tubing
    (1) years warranty (Check website for full details)

    Real good bike part, not so good eating utensil... but do let us know if you try

    Length: 28mm reach 45mm peg clearance to fit most modern pegs
    Extra wide to allow 2.4 tyre clearance
    4130 Sanko chromoly tubing
    Tapered for legs 31.8 to 22.5
    165mm CNC steerer tube with internal reductions to help reduce weight.
    45mm peg clearance to fit most modern pegs.
    28mm Offset
    Allows most 2.4 tyre clearance
    Comes with CollectiveBikes designed Top Cap
    Matt Black
    Weight:</span> 987g"

    RT1 BARS
    You actually DO want to end up behind these bars...
    Backsweep: 12º
    Upsweep: 2º
    Heat Treated Sanko tubing (4130 Chromoly)
    Sizes: 9” x 29”
    Colours: Gloss Black
    Weight: 805 grams "

    RT1 STEM
    All stem, no seeds or leaves... but we aren't sorry about it.

    Full 6061-T6 tall top load stem. The stem has been machined internally to save weight and comes complete with solid bolts. Laser etched with CB and RT1 logos.</li>

    Reach: 50mm
    Rise: 33mm
    Bar Clamping Diameter: 22.2mm
    Weight: 302g

    RT1 SEAT
    Here to protect your most valuables...

    Fixed seat and seat post combo
    Slim simple design with RT1 logo print
    Kevlar cover
    Weight: 226 grams


    9t RHD Hub 14 mm Rear Axle Hub
    10mm Front Hub
    36h Double Wall 20"" Rims Black
    Black Spokes
    Alloy nipples


    Collective Bikes 3 piece cranks
    Collective Bikes 25T Sprocket
    Plastic slim pedals
    Mid Bottom Bracket
    KMC Chain
    Weight: 22lbs


    A: Top Tube 20.59 (523mm)
    B: Head Angle 75.5 Degrees
    C: Seat Angle 71 Degrees
    D: Seat Tube 8.50 (216mm)
    E: Chainstay 12.99 (330mm)