Jude Jones


Jude has been on the radar of Ryan Taylor, from many years back as a young boy at the skate park riding with Ryan. Now that Ryan was in the position of having his own brand he made the move at the right time to make Jude part of the family. Jude has since started performing abroad at his first pro contests. Jude style and trick bag is like no other BMX rider. Not performing many traditional moves, but instead innovating his own and creating tricks never before thought of let alone possible on a BMX. Shocking the world with his videos of learning new tricks online along with qualifying first at his first ever PRO contest in California against the worlds best BMX riders is just the start of what is to come from Jude Jones.


Jude Jones



D.O.B: 11/05/2001

Location: Market Harborough, Leicestershire 

Current Bike: Collective Bikes RT1


Inspiration? I get motivated by everyone around me. My parents giving me lifts and always supporting me, the people I ride with, the people who teach me things and help me learn, even music gets me inspired and ready to ride.


Advice to a younger version of yourself? Don’t quit, just do your own thing and never accept defeat!


Must have when riding? My chapstick


Go to riding shoe? Vans Kyle Walker pro all the way! They last forever and protect your feet so good. 


First bike? Blue wethepeople, so so heavy and the plastic seat killed me, but it got me started


"Spot to ride before you die?" Pastrana land, it’s everything I want under one roof... insane!


Lifegoal? To ride for a living, it’s what I love to do! A long career doing what I love is all I can ask for.


What are you doing if you are not riding? Working on new things for videos, preparing for competitions and of course spending time with my beautiful girlfriend!

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