The Story Behind Collective Bikes - Quality and Affordable BMX Bikes

The Story Behind Collective Bikes - Quality and Affordable BMX Bikes

The story behind collective bikes:

(Barney Pauley: Co founder of collective)

BMX was introduced to me at 7 years old when i used to race motocross bikes, the older kids at motocross would all bring BMX bikes and spend hours every evening after the days races had finished building dirt jumps in and around the track premises. looking for that same rush of adrenaline flying through the air that we got on our dirt bikes. i suppose it all started there really, id never had a BMX bike before but had been racing dirt bikes since i was 4, i asked my dad when i was 6 for a BMX, but wondered why kids used BMX bikes, he enlightened me that 'BMX' stood for Bicycle Moto-X. that minute i was sold.

I will never forget my first BMX bike. My dad knew i was too small to ride a full size 20" bike, so he found out Haro Bikes had just released a 'Dave Mirra 16 Inch' complete bike, he special ordered it to a shop in the UK and gave it to me for my 6th birthday. My dad took me to Rom Skatepark the first day i had it and showed me how to drop in.

14 years, a few trips to A&E, 7 different frames and god knows how many spokes later, bmx is a bigger part of my life than ever.

Growing up I watched the likes of Dave Mirra And Scotty Cranmer And as most kids who rode a bike, I wanted to earn a living from this one day. Of course I dreamed of making it pro, but I also wanted to run my very own bike company and have an impact on the  industry that has given me so much and more than anything, ensure that BMX keeps on living as it once did.

At Collective Bikes we wanted to produce the best quality start up bikes at affordable prices. We want to get as many people involved in BMX as possible. But we didnt want to cut out the shops and harm the industry. 

The company is rider run, rider designed and of course we are trying our own bikes so we know exactly what does and does not work. We've produced affordable, good quality bikes ideal for users new to the sport, but unlike other entry level bikes ours have been designed using specs that professional level bikes would use.

 To start with we have two C1 bikes, identical In specs but different in colour. All of our bikes come with ......

More details found on the "C1 Complete Bike" page of our website

This is just the beginning of hopefully something big. 


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