The BMX Industry / Culture

The BMX Industry / Culture

The BMX industry

BMX has changed over the years, we've recently lost the legend that is Dave Mirra... And i feel like it was the first time the BMX community pulled together and forgot their petty differences. it didn't matter who you was in the industry or what views you had or trend you followed, everyone paid they're respect to someone to brought the sport into the spot light and paved the road for every kid that picks up a BMX Bike today.

Growing up every kid wanted to be the next pro riding for Red Bull or vans, as we've got older and social media has provided a platform where people can say negative things without receiving the consequences, we've started to try and bring down those who are succeeding in this industry. Whether via jealousy or genuine dislike, it's not the positive vibe that it once was.

Growing up, BMX meant outdoor competitions with BBQs and old school hip hop in the stereos. Kids looked up to the older kids who could do bigger tricks yet the older kids fist bumped you when you landed your first 360. Parents were puppy dog eyed into spending their Saturday driving you 3 hours to a skate park and watching you fall on your Arse every 5 minutes. You could meet anyone at a skatepark and you'd automatically get along because you shared a love for this kids bike that put a smile on your face every time you stepped foot on the pedals.

I mean dont get me wrong i know the industry isnt in the best place right now, but i dont think its struggling as much as people think, i also will admit there are companies and products out there that are not contributing to the sport positively, and i'll be the first to tell you that people like Mafia Bikes don't help BMX as much as they say they do, yes ill agree they are getting kids initially on bikes by selling the a affordable bikes straight to their house nice and direct online, parents like that, but once that kid has that bike he has no value to it. he will never cherish that day his parents took him to his local BMX store and picking up his new ride, and because he misses out on that experience there is a big chance that bike he buys online will never be special to him and he'll move on to something else, he definitely won't ever hear from the company that sold them the bike again,

getting a bike from your local shop makes kids get on BMX bikes in the right way and at least gives them that chance to be interested and get into BMX more as he grows up,

and that's why we are Collective Bikes, were all in this together, if a kid wants some advice or support, we're happy, if a parent wants some advice, we're happy, if your local bike store wants to stock our products, we're happy, if you want us to do give aways or throw jams at skateparks, we're happy! 

This is exactly what Collective Bikes is, we're all in this together, because BMX.

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