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July 24, 2018 1 min read

BMX rider Ryan Taylor aged for this video and went totally crazy on Collective Bikes RT1 BMX bike at Venice Beach skate park.

Ryan Taylor started off at a makeup place called "Cinema City" and got an "old man makeover". The makeover made him look like a 90 year old man, who Ryan names "Lester Frank". He then buys some old mens clothing that makes his appearence more likely to an elderly person.

Ryan Taylor aka Lester Frank gets into an argument at the shop where he's getting the clothes, because they don't want him to film in there. They proceed to kick him out of the shop.

He then rides a crazy cart through the street and people are getting very annoyed because he's causing traffic. Anyway Lester Frank aka Ryan Taylor is not letting anyone stop him.

At Venice Beach skate park he shows off his tricks on his Collective Bikes and receives strong reactions. Some guy even wants to kick him off the park, while other people scream at him. Ryan's prank is super funny.

People react strongly cause of his old man apperance. They specially go crazy because he's showing off his tricks on the BMX and also cause bikes are not allowed at the park. He's having a blast and can't stop laughing.

Watch how Ryan goes nuts in the video down below: