Jake100 is teaching you how to wheelie in the desert of Dubai! He is making teaching you with his new bike C100 from Collective Bikes. So if you want to learn to wheelie with your bike, check out the new video on our Collective Bikes Youtube channel!


The goal is to ride the bike on its back wheel for as long as you want, as Jake100 and Ryan Taylor shows you on the video. Jake100 is giving you step by step instructions and personal top tips from a professional rider to learn how to wheelie as best as you can. There are three steps to learn how to do the trick.


For step one you need to be confident on your bike. After this, a very important step is to have the right position of your feet and the pedals, like one or two a clock. For this you also need to know which leg is your stronger one, which you use to put forward and push the power into the right direction.


While you're still learning it is easier to learn to wheelie if you are riding your bike not to fast, so you have enough power to put your front wheel up and still control it easily. If you have a feeling for the right position of your feet and pedals, then you can find the best way to hold your arms, so you can use your arms to pull up the front wheel. The arms should be not stiff, but there should be a tension in it.


It is very difficult to learn to wheelie and needs a lot of practise and time so don´t be hard on yourself if it takes a long time. At the begin it is good to push up the front wheel just for a short time so you can get a feeling for it. Jake100 his self needed a long time to make the trick as perfect as now.


Most riders have hurt themselves from time to time by learning this trick, including Jake100 and Ryan Taylor, so be careful and be prepared that this can happen to you too. A tip from Jake100 is to make your seat a little bit higher so you can use your power a little bit better and feel confident.


Step two is now to control your bike while doing the wheelie, so you don´t fall back or forward. For this you have to use your brake, to not lose your balance point, which is the key to do a wheelie. You must find your right position, your balance point, which is different by every bike rider, to hold the front wheel up and feel confident. The different balance point of everyone is the reason why the look of the trick is always changing from rider to rider. Use your brake carefully, so you don´t lose your control of the bike.


Step three is to learn the best speed so you can use your power to ride forward but without coming your front wheel down. For this you have to practise a lot.


At the end Jake100 shows how a wheelie looks like if you practise a lot. Ryan Taylor is also riding the C100 and shows what he is able to do! So watch the video and learn how to do a wheelie with your bike! Have fun!


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