There is a new video online on our Collective Bikes YouTube channel about ‘Swerve Sunday episode 4 – this was a crazy challenge’! The team from Collective Bikes organized this event in a tunnel in London together with @Jake100 and many amazing, talented riders. 

The C100 MTB from Collective Bikes, the world s first Mountain Bike designed specifically for wheelies and by @Jake100, was the most popular bike in attendance on this episode of Swerve Sunday! @Jake100 was very impressed of the community and the number of C100’s in London! This competition was full of action, amazing people and challenges!


C100 Collective Bikes by Jake100


The Collective Bikes team created a very difficult and crazy course together with the riders, including many challenges for the bike life riders. The C100 from Collective Bikes by @Jake100 is the best bike for this competition because it is the perfect bike for doing wheelie! But also our C1 BMX bike from Collective  Bikes and Ryan Taylor is very suitable for having fun on a Swerve Sunday. 

DOORA’ is back and a part of the new course! It starts with a skinny long wooden ramp where the riders have to wheelie up and over it without falling off the sides, followed by another bigger BMX bike ramp with soil on the ground. The most difficult part of this competition was the swing ball area, which was difficult to handle for the riders and their bikes! The swing ball hit the riders or their bikes sometimes and bring them out of balance, but every rider was ready to give their best as always! Even ‘DOORA’ get hit by some riders and suddenly one of the ramps broke too! Jake100 is going through this course with his own orange Collective Bikes C100 MTB. Some of the amazing, young riders made their ride even more difficult with some tricks while doing wheelie's on their bikes, they went through the course without a front wheel or sat backwards on their bikes! And even taking 1 hand off while in a wheelie.

This competition had three rounds and the rider who performed best, won the Swerve Sunday. Check out this video on Collective Bikes YouTube Channel to see the insane session of amazing riders and the winner of this Swerve Sunday, as well to see the C100 Mountain bike from Collective Bikes by Jake100 in action! 

The talented young riders did their best to handle the difficult course and had a lot of fun together with Collective Bikes and @Jake100! Be sure you are updated about new Swerve Sundays, products and news about Collective Bikes via Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to the Collective Bikes YouTube channel!


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