Collective Bikes: Driving The Bikelife Revolution

Collective Bikes: Driving The Bikelife Revolution

In 2022, Collective Bikes broke new ground with the inaugural Collective Bikes Arena, showing us all the real potential of BikeLife as a recognised sport. Now, in 2023, they're back, and the game just keeps getting more exciting.


Imagine a daring course scattered with oil barrels and boasting a mountain bike seesaw – no small feat for any rider. Many challengers arrived to tackle this adrenaline-filled arena on the iconic C100 and C2, demonstrating the influential role of Collective Bikes in the BikeLife scene.

At the helm of judgement were Enzo Lagorce, Jake 100, and Little Harry, powerhouses of the biking world, adding weight to the competition. Not to be missed, riders on Mafia Bikes and SE Bikes also took the stage, showcasing the diversity and competitive spirit that is the essence of BikeLife.

The driving force behind all of this is none other than Jay Stratton, founder of Collective Bikes. His vision: to make BikeLife an appreciated and acknowledged sport. This pursuit is about much more than individual wins. It's about raising the profile of an entire community of athletes.

Speaking of wins, Ryan Kpakiwa did an exceptional job this year, securing victories in both the Swerve and Combo competitions. His achievement is a testimony to his skill and hard work, a shining example of the talent present in the BikeLife community.

The presence of BikeLife at the NASS Festival, traditionally a BMX and Skate stronghold, is a significant milestone, and Collective Bikes has been instrumental in making this happen. The brand is not just about creating top-notch bikes; it's about fostering a sport that demands strategy, skill, and discipline.

So if you're on the hunt for wheelie bikes, mountain bikes, or simply intrigued by the exciting world of BikeLife, Collective Bikes is one brand you'll want to keep your eyes on. They are at the forefront of the BikeLife revolution, pushing boundaries and making waves. And trust us, this journey is just getting started.

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